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Our front door’s backside {painting the interior of our door}

I had always wanted to buy a home where I could paint the front door a super fun color.  Who doesn’t just love being greeted by a pop of color?  Unfortunately, when we found a home, it was in an association where the front doors all need to stay white…boo!  Then one day I started thinking…why not paint the interior of the front door a fun color?  Well, heck ya, that’s what I was going to do.  We all know that is easier said then done.  What color would I choose??  If the amount of time we have lived in this home gives you any idea of how long that decision took me then you know, it wasn’t an easy choice.  We have almost lived here for 2 years!  I posted on Instagram the day that I finally pulled out my swatch book and started really thinking about it.  I have two kilim floor pillows in my family room, which is open to where the front door is, so I thought I’d pull out one of the colors in them.  Pretty, pretty colors, but which one for the door…

I continued to think about it and then one day got a great email from Valspar offering for me to try out their newest paint.  I was so excited because I had seen their commercials on television and just thought the idea behind the Valspar Reserve and its durability just seemed so perfect for this highly used item in my home.  I also loved the fact that one decision had already been made for…the type of paint I’d be using.  Check that off the list.
 Valspar Reserve is a new innovative paint and primer formula that delivers durability that stands up to real-life applications, resisting more stains, scrubbing and fading than any other paint on the market today making it ideal for any area of the home. Additionally, Valspar Reserve provides maximum hide and exceptional one-coat coverage even over dark colors and bold patterns.  
For me I was sold on the withstanding of real-life applications because we are a rough and tumble family where our kids are allowed to play in any room of the home.  They can use any surface as a place to create and use their imagination.  It is often that I find my daughter hanging her little backpack from the handle on our front door saying that that is where she’s supposed to put it “for school.”  With that being said, our front door gets more then the usual use of just open and close.  I couldn’t wait to try out this new, super durable paint on my front door.  
Once I finally decided on a color I did my research on tips and tutorials to painting the interior of a front door.  I wasn’t sure if it was as simple as just rolling the paint on.  I’m glad I did some research and found out that others had pulled together some amazing posts from their own painting experiences.  With anything in life, you have to take into account your own skills, patience and environment to decide which steps fit best for you.  Here is the post I read through for any of you looking to tackle this same project. 

        Driven by Decor

I started the process by taping off the windows and the hardware on our door (insert my husband did this part.)  I chose to keep the door on the hinges and keep all the hardware on because, like I stated in the above, know your limits when it comes to projects.  I knew my husband was going to be heading off to work in the afternoon and I was not confident that I would be able to reassemble our front door handle.  Therefore, taping it off with precision was the way we were going to go.  Following the tips from my research I knew which section of the door I was to paint first, second, and so forth.  This was such a helpful tip.  It really allowed me to feel like there was direction to this project and with the ease that the Valspar Reserve paint was creating by going on so smoothly, I knew this project was going to be far easier and satisfying then I expected.   

Another feature of the Valspar Reserve is that it is made with HydroChroma Technology which is a new color system that has super-strength pigments allowing for a broad range of deeper, more vibrant colors.  I can attest to the vibrancy of their colors as the Sea Breeze color we chose is the epitome of vibrant.  It is bright and cheery, completely saturated and has become such a great addition to our home.  Just you wait and see with the before and after of our door!

Her is our door before it got a coat of Valspar Reserve Sea Breeze.
And here it is now!

I just adore the way it turned out and appreciate Valspar giving me the opportunity to test out their new Reserve paint.  If you have an upcoming paint project I suggest you look into all the colors Valspar has to offer. Valspar is carried exculsively at Lowe’s.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  

*although I was offered this paint, all opinions are my own.  


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