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Celebration sales {it’s my birthday weekend/week}

I’ve always been lucky because my birthday is right around Labor Day or actually on Labor Day.  I’m sure there is some precise amount of years between when it actually falls on Labor Day, but I’ve never really spent the time to look that up.  Call me lazy.  Either way…what this means is sales! Sales, sales and more sales.  For a lover of shopping like me, this is fabulous.  I thought I’d share with you all the items I’m coveting.  Because I’m kind of dreaming of fall to arrive, I’m looking forward to the items that I think I’d love to have when the weather starts to change.  I can’t wait to wear a pair of perfectly distressed jeans and a pair of booties or mules…yes, that’s my new obsession, mules.  I think I just need a pair.  With that being said here are my fav shoes at the moment.

via Zappos
Bring on the scarves, denim and brown leather!!  I hope you all have a fun and safe long weekend.  


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