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Our master bedroom {black and white room}

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of our master bedroom for awhile, but I haven’t felt like it was done.  Who am I kidding though…will I ever feel like my home is done?  Probably not.  That to me, though, is what makes designing fun.  It is ever changing with trends and your own personal style.  So, after realizing this, I felt it was time just to capture what our room looks like now.  So I did.  I’m still on the search for a rad rug and possibly a vintage chair for the corner, but for now, it’s still one of my favorite spaces in the house.  You can find me resting in this bed often as I’m 36 weeks along as a gestational carrier and days are getting to be longer and longer days.  My bed is my special spot.  I love lounging in it.  There is just something about all white bedding.  I hope you enjoy this mini tour of our black and white bedroom.

Here’s a little peak at what our room looked like when we first moved in… 
We had a very grand, dark espresso bed and a chevron rug.  It just was no longer the style we were going for in our new home.  Love seeing spaces go through transitions…mine included.  

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  1. Peter Kaiser says:

    The combination of colors is magnificent. I like the lighting fixtures that are so simple yet fitting to the whole interior concept. All white for the bedroom is a good idea, although I would remove some details. Of course, that's just my opinion, you did everything with taste.

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