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Our front door {picking a paint color}

Even before we moved into our new home I knew I wanted to paint the interior of the front door.  We live in an association where you can’t change our front door color…boo, but I’ve always thought painting the interior would be so fun.  We’ve lived in our home for over a year and I kind of put it out of my mind until today.  I’m thinking it is time to start focusing on giving our front door some love.  Now for the hard part…picking a color.  This isn’t going to be easy as we all know colors on swatches can look so different when painted on a large surface.  I’m thinking a color similar to Benjamin Moore’s kokopelli teal is the direction I’m headed.

Our main living area is just one big room so you can see it from every inch of our space.  On the floor of our “family room” area are two kilim floor pillows that I just love and adore.  They both have such beautiful jewel toned colors in them.
So let the decisions begin…
Here is the interior of my front door now.  Don’t you agree it would be so fun painted a lively color? 
This is to the right of the front door…


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  1. Alyssa says:

    Love that color! What a fun way to brighten up the space!

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