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DIY yarn bombed basket {decorative basket idea}

I was on the hunt for a super cute, special basket to add to my niece’s nursery.  I had found a great snake charmer basket at TJ Maxx that had touches of teal which was one of the colors used in her new nursery.  I needed another basket to compliment it and just couldn’t find one.  There was this basket from Target by Nate Berkus, but it was too similar to what I already had.

My hunt continued to Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx more then I want to admit, Cost Plus and Pier 1 and I just couldn’t find the RIGHT basket.  Did I know what the RIGHT basket was going to look like?  Nope.  I just knew I’d know it when I saw it.  Well…I was a day away from the room being photographed and it was time to get my DIY on!!  I think this is a great idea for anyone who has a bunch of baskets around the house that need some sprucing up.  It is also a great way to add a bit of custom to a space without breaking the bank.  
Here is what I did.  I headed back to TJ Maxx cause they just have some great simple rattan baskets.  I needed one of a specific height and knew I needed round.  I found a great basket.  I brought it home and gathered my tools:
Glue gun
yarn of any colors
My steps:
Without boring you it really just begins by tying the yarn to the handle and then begin wrapping it, hot gluing every so often so that the yarn doesn’t move.  The more glue you do the less frustrated you’ll get, but only do little itty bitty dots of glue cause you don’t need much to hold the yarn in place.  

 I knew I didn’t want the amount I used of each color to be the same, so I just did what felt right.  Again, the other basket I had already had a large amount of teal, so for this basket I just wanted little bits to pop and tie together the two baskets.  The rest of the room is shades of coral, white and gold.

The basket ended up looking just right in the nursery which I can’t wait to share with you all!!!!  I just saw the photos today and they look great.  Be sure to check back next week.  


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