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Valentine’s Day {teacher gift}

It’s teacher appreciate week at my son’s school which has been so fun cause we just adore his teacher this year.  She has made the year so far so enjoyable for my overly anxious little guy and I just can’t repay her enough.  We’ve had fun showering her with gifts this week, but with tomorrow being the day that his class is celebrating Valentine’s Day I wanted to give her something that I put some effort into.  I just adore succulents and thought it may be the perfect addition to her desk in class…heck, we all know it’s hard to kill a succulent. I had seen a few fun DIY’s cruising on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot.  It was such an easy and inexpensive gift to create.  I love that you can customize this gift for just about any person and occasion.  

The steps are so simple, no need to really go into too much detail.  You’ll need a succulent of your choice, a terracotta pot, paint of your choice, some thin painters tape or washi taped worked great for me, and then just a bit of your own creativity. 
I just taped off some simple triangles and painted them white.

When the paint had dried for a few minutes I removed the tape.

I then taped off a few more triangles to add a touch of coral.

And voila…a simple, unique, heartfelt gift for my son’s wonderful teacher!  
I added a little handwritten note that I just folded around some flower wire and adhered it with double stick tape.  I personally like how the character of handwriting the note adds to the very structured shapes of the pot.  

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