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The greatest gift I’ll ever give {my story}

I am a gift giver…I just enjoy it.  I love wrapping gifts, picking out the perfect paper, perfect bow, maybe adding a feather or two, it’s just something I have always enjoyed. You can ask any of my friends and family, they usually know which gift is mine by the looks of it. No card needed.

I am in the process of wrapping the greatest gift I’ll ever give.  This gift won’t have wrapping paper, it may or may not have a bow, but it will have ten fingers and ten toes.  You see…I’m currently in the process, about 15 weeks into the process to be exact, as a gestational carrier for my cousin and his wife. (A gestational carrier is different than a surrogate, this baby is in no way mine, I’m just the “carrier.”) We started this journey awhile ago when my cousin and his wife decided it was time for them to start their family.  They are unable to start a family on their own and since my little family is perfect and complete, I thought why not offer them my “kangaroo pouch” to keep their baby safe, warm and give it time to grow?  So, that is what I’ve done.

The journey to get as far as we have hasn’t been easy, the amount of injections and hormones I’ve endured has been many.  It was all for an amazing reason the day we got the positive pregnancy test and even more amazing the day we made it out of the first trimester.  I have to thank all of you and all of my clients for being so patient with me as I’ve been completely out of it for the last few months.  The pain of the injections and the late onset of “morning” sickness (seriously, it lasted all day) really slowed me down during the holiday season. I’m so grateful for my supportive family and close friends who really helped me get through the first few months.

I’m so excited to continue to share parts of this journey with all of those who wish us well. Good news is I’m feeling great now and this little babe inside of me is going to make my cousin and his wife parents in late August 2014!!


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8 responses to “The greatest gift I’ll ever give {my story}”

  1. Wow. You are so amazing and so brave. It is so selfless of you to give that family the gift of life.

  2. What an amazing gift you are giving. So kind and generous of you.

  3. Jacks mom says:

    You are a blessing to your cousin and his wife (not to mention the bundle of joy they will soon have).

  4. Lindsey says:

    Wow. That's amazing.

  5. Bri, I can't think of a more selfless, generous gift. You are truly truly amazing and I am so in awe of you. I'm sending all of my good vibes and well wishes to you and your cousin!!!

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