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Next Exit {blue, yellow and gray nursery}

I love finding inspiration from just about anywhere.  I tend to look at items for more then what they are.  For example, I used to have the cutest geometric patterned drapes in my old house that so many people wondered where I found them…they were actually two tablecloths.  Yep…tablecloths are long and wide and usually reasonably priced, so add some drape clips and voila, instant drapes.  It wasn’t shocking to me then when I was perusing around the Tiny Prints site the other day that I came across an adorable, kind of retro, baby shower invite that completely inspired a color scheme for me.  I loved the tones of blues, yellows and grays in this invitation:
Like I do whenever I find some good inspiration, I started designing a nursery around it.  This nursery has some new fresh elements like the Oeuf Sparrow crib and the West Elm rug, but I love the way these new items work with the Frank Reenskaug danish rocking chair and the retro arrow print art.  I love mixing items in a space to allow the feel of the room to travel time rather then look like it’s straight out of a catalog.  I think this nursery really shows that.  
1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11 
(#11 is from Target but has currently been removed from their site, find in store)
Here is an enlarged version of the room without the inspiration invite.  I think this blue, gray and yellow nursery would be such a cute space for a little baby boy. 

So…where have you last found your inspiration from?  Had you ever thought of finding it in an invitation?  If you are stuck on some guidance for a party or a room, try perusing the Tiny Prints site…you may just find the perfect color scheme and theme and when you do…enjoy the designing process. 
If you would like help with a space in your home please feel free to contact me for my available design services.  

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