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My kids room update {black and white space}

I’m slowly making progress in my kids room.  We were hit hard last week by the flu and the stomach bug and we are all still recovering.  It’s brutal having your entire family down with some sort of something.  I was a crazy lady disinfecting everything, but it didn’t keep it from spreading.  Stay healthy all!

So when it comes to my kids room there hasn’t been leaps and bounds towards completely it…it’s more like baby steps.  For me when it comes to designing a space in my house, I always tend to complete one little area so that I don’t feel like the entire room is in shambles.  I always do this.  I’m the lady that when we move homes, you can come over the night we move in and my family room will already be completely put together. One space done, makes me always feel better.  In my kids room that one space is where their new dresser is.

This little area makes me happy, because if I took a picture of the rest of the space you’d see…it is not done!
I did get a little crafty the other week and finally found a home for my new DIY marquee light in the kids room on their picture ledges.  

I love how it turned out.  And if you want to make one too here is the tutorial I followed. It is really simple and just looks really cute in their room. 
Slowly but surely it is coming together.  

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  1. Looks great, love that dresser! I am definitely going to have to check out that marquee tutorial!

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