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Happy New Year {I’m back}

Happy New Year to you all!!!  I took a much needed break in the month of December and am kind of sad its over.  I allowed myself to enjoy the holiday, de-stress, just be mom with no plan or schedule while my son was off school, I let the laundry pile up (that backfired on me), no work, all play.  I loved it!  But we are back to the grind now and I’m back with some planned changes for my kids room that I thought I’d share because you’ve all seen what their room looked like completed with my first design.

 As a mom, moments arise that cause you to start thinking “what can I do so that I can stop saying be careful, don’t do that.” (In general that will never stop) For some reason we have hit the age over here that these great bunk beds are causing me a headache.  My three year old daughter now thinks its hilarious to climb up the ladder.  I catch her almost to the top bunk multiple times a day. Not OK.  My son likes to hang on the side of the bed like a monkey.  I could go on.  It is just time to make the bunk into two individual beds. I won’t even talk about how much I despise trying to make their beds…I won’t miss that.

The challenge is, their room is 10’x12′.  We are not working with a large space here.  So my plan for this challenge is as follows:

Currently we have the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser in their room, but that has to go.  I love it cause it holds so much, but it has way too big of a footprint.  So that dresser will be headed to my husband and my room cause we are in need of a new dresser.  We’ll be purchasing a tall dresser and reorganizing their closet to provide more hanging space.  I’m sure I’ll be tossing toys and old clothes in the process.  They won’t have as much floor space, but if we are being honest they never play in their room.  Our family room becomes the play room.  
I’m excited for this new transition of giving them their own individual beds and making it really their own.  I’ll be sure to share as the process begins.  


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