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Saturday activity {DIY hot wheels service station}

So, we’ve already spent two full days in a row at the beach and by the sounds of the breakdowns coming from my kiddos today was a good day to just stay inside.  I was recently gifted the best craft book written by Martha Stewart.

Today seemed to be the best day to start making some of the fun ideas that this book has to offer.  I let my son choose which craft he wanted to tackle today…shocker, he chose the service station he could use with his Hot Wheels.  This mom started gathering all of our supplies up from the craft closet and got to work.

As my husband mentioned to my son half way through this crafting project…”be patient, when your mom makes something, she makes it look good.”  Oh boy…this trait sometimes can really cause a bit of a test for all those involved.  My poor son just wanted to play and I so badly wanted him to like it.  So….hours later our service station was complete and hopefully will be used for hours on end.  It actually becomes really sturdy if you use the right supplies and attach everything to a platform of some sort.  My son was the master of the Hot Wheels track part of it, I was in charge of creating everything else.  The gas pumps, pay station, air and vacuum area, car wash, service garages and parking lot.  The best part of this book is that it has you use household items…toilet paper or paper towel rolls, bottle brushes, straws, twisty ties, oatmeal canister etc.  Get creative and spend little to no money. I needed lots of tape though =)


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  1. Alyssa says:

    Love this! So creative!

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