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Nursery accent wall {using wallpaper}

I have a lot of clients interested in wallpapered accent walls, which I just love.  It can be pretty costly to commit to using wallpaper on every wall of a room, as well as it can get a bit busy.  Wallpaper has come leaps and bounds since I was young girl living in a room of white wallpaper with teeny tiny lavendar flowers.  Wallpaper created today is art in itself.  It kills two birds with one stone (which writing that saying sounds just horrible), but you get the idea.  It is important to remember though that if the wallpaper you are using is a large scale pattern, then be sure to balance the rest of the room properly.  Pick your patterned pieces wisely so that they don’t compete, rather they compliment each other.

Here are a few of my favorite inspiration rooms using wallpapered accent walls.  I’m working with a current client who just may be using one of these wallpapers…only time will tell.

Do you like the idea of using wallpaper?  I know some people still cringe when they hear the “W” word?

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  1. Alyssa says:

    I think wallpaper is making a comeback! Love it.

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