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Delight {coral, teal and white nursery}

I am so excited to share with you another completed nursery.  I just love getting happy mail.  Yesterday I received an email from a client that had the most amazing photos attached to it.  I absolutely loved working with this client.  She and her husband originally came to me for help pulling together what they already had purchased and done to the room.  They were on the road to a coral and navy nursery for their daughter, but were a bit stuck.  They feared they would create a space that really only had those two colors in it.  So they asked for my help and provided me with a few photos of what they had already.  It was all a great jumping point, but I just wasn’t set that the coral and navy scheme was the way to go.
When I saw this color palette I knew this had to be our way…

(you can find other amazing palettes through Photo Card Boutique)
And then I found this print and just fell in love with the colors in it! Thankfully so did my client.  From there a nursery of coral, teal and white was created, with varying shades of each.  
Confetti heart by the talented Amanda Catherine Des
From there I created this design board:
After providing the design concept and my instructions on why and where to place each item, it was just time for me to wait to see how it came out and I absolutely adore it!  Enjoy!

Some fun facts about this room is two major furniture pieces that didn’t start out looking so great.  The changing chest was my client’s moms and I was asked to pick a color to have it refinished in.  This is what it looked like before:
And the chair in the room looked like this before:
I hope this makes you look at furniture pieces a little differently…anything can be created into something new and fresh! 
I want to thank my clients for being so much fun to work with and letting me help in creating a special space for their little girl!
If you’d like to inquire about my design services please email me brimoysa@emersongreydesigns.com

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  1. Alyssa says:

    LOVE this! The room looks so great. Amazing to see the before and after pics. Great work!

  2. My Two Cents says:

    I am in love with the crib bumper and curtain fabric….where is it from??

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