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New pendant light {a DIY treasure}

I’m excited to share this little light creature my husband and I came up with.  I knew in our new home I wanted a statement pendant light to hang over our table.  I also knew that the ones that I love were out of my particular budget.  Case and point….

Jonathan Adler Mini Sputnik 

Satellite Chandelier from Anthropologie

Leona Chandelier
Please, if you can, purchase one of these…they are all amazing.  So, my project was to find something equally as amazing and yet fit into a price point we were comfortable with.  The search was on.  
One day while at my trusty Target I ventured to the clearance section as I always do and found this beauty sitting there starring at me for $17!!!
Sadly, they don’t have it available anymore, but this post may make you look at a lamp base a bit differently next time you are out shopping.  
I bought it and brought it home and my handy hubby got to work.  
He bought this conversion kit from Lowe’s
It is called the Portfolio mini pendant kit and is only $18. He wired it into the Target lamp base so that it would hang properly from the ceiling.  He then did his “Mr.Electric” thing and hung it yesterday.  It took him all of five minutes and I’m pretty excited that for less then $50 we have a unique pendant light hanging above our nook table.  
Here is what the nook likes like today…it will be changing though because I’m just not feeling the table. It will get there soon and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!  


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  1. Sita says:

    Bri, I love it! I bet it cast the coolest shadows when it is on! And the gold…you know I love that!

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