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Green Thumb {plants in a nursery}

Have you ever thought while coming up with a design for a space where a plant may go?  I think everyone should incorporate plants into their decor.  They can add height, some lush shades of green, they bring the outdoors in, and even better, they help purify the air.

We all want the safest environment for our children, so why not add an air purifying plant to their room?

The Snake Plant is one of my favs, also referred to as “mother-in-laws tongue” is known to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde 
I personally like its strong vertical structure and the varying degrees of green.

The Peace Lily is another great option for a kids space.  This plant is the “clean all” of plants and is very useful in helping to remove mold spores.

And if you want to incorporate more of a flower to your space, Gerber Daisies are a great option.  Even better, they are known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen.

So…is there a spot in your house that needs a plant?  I’d look into the other plant options that purify the air.

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