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DIY decor {with washi tape}

I recently gave the idea to a client to hang a few simple art pieces on her wall using washi tape.  She hadn’t used the product before, so she needed me to clarify.  That same day, my sister and I were talking and I mentioned washi tape and she, too, wasn’t familiar with thee said tape.  So…I got to thinking.  How many others don’t know of this wonderful, adorable tape??  And more then that…all the fabulous things you can create with it.

You can find washi tape at places like Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby and now even Target.  But the best selection I’ve found is on Etsy.  No shocker there!  You can find almost any color and the patterns that are available are way too much fun.

My washi tape collection is growing, I’ve tried to control myself cause let me tell you…you’ll find yourself just buying it because its cute.

So, what is washi tape??  Washi is a style of paper first made in Japan.  Unlike traditional paper, washi is made using the bark of the jampi tree, the mitsumata shrub or the paper mulberry.  It is a very strong type of paper.  It was then made into a form of tape.  It is strong enough to hang single pieces of paper and yet doesn’t damage your walls.

To give you a visual of all the possibilities you can create with washi tape…

The cutest wooden utensils for a party created by the talented Hellobee blog
A city play mat…which my son and I tried out ourselves after seeing this pin by Playful Learning
A pirate themed party that featured a pirate ship out of black washi tape and a simple garland using black and red washi tape.  See more of the amazing pictures on Remodelista
And here is a simple visual of hanging paper or art from washi tape.  Simple right?
I added a fun touch to my kids room recently using some of my washi tape.  I felt the little corner above my daughters play kitchen needed a bit of color.  At the same time I didn’t want to commit to anything permanent.  This is one of the reasons I really am having fun with washi tape.  You can create and then remove, create and remove.  Love that!! 

Have you had any fun with washi tape?  Or had you never heard of it?  

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  1. I have yet to buy any, but I'm sure once I start I won't be able to stop. I love it!

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