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Our new home {Part 2}

Thanks for checking back!  Now onto part 2.

After my husband sanded and mopped the floors he added a sealer to them.  It has just the right amount of sheen and really finished off all his hard work.

I have to say I’m loving these floors.  I prefer sweeping over vacuuming any day, but that’s just me.

One part I didn’t touch on in my first post was the backyard.  We are so excited to have a backyard.  My kids have always lived in an upstairs condo so having this space to run is something we have been looking forward to.  Now, for some of you from other parts of the country this yard probably looks small…but if you aren’t able to buy a million dollar or more home in the area I live in, then you aren’t getting a huge yard.  So, this space is just right for us.

Here is the before…(and a peak at my daughter)

And here is what my talented Dad did…

(No more starring at the ugly AC unit)
We have already spent hours in our new yard.  We can’t wait to get a fire pit, some fun chairs and lighting.  All things to come.  

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