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The crazy that life can bring {enjoying the ride}

I have been working on my business for over a year now and by working on it I mean coming up with new designs and pinning them on Pinterest.  That is all the advertising I have done.  And I have to say, I am beyond grateful for what that has brought me.  I am currently working on a number of e-designs, which I just love!  I feel so blessed and excited to be able to do what I love, while staying home with my kids.  Life this summer has been a wee bit crazy on so many levels, but I hope that some of that “crazy” will be coming to an end soon.  And then there is other parts of “crazy” that I hope is just beginning.  And at some point………I’d love to share a little bit of it with all of you!  I appreciate you all popping in from time to time and saying hello.  I know I am not consistent at blogging, I’m really trying…but, for now what I am doing is working for my little fam and I’m glad you are all a part of it.

And just for some little eye candy…how cute is this elephant wall mount?  It also comes as a polar bear and a fox.  You can find them here


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