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A block {blogger’s block}

I am having a total “blogger’s block” lately.  Do you ever experience that?  I can’t come up with anything to blog about that I think would interest any of my readers.  That makes me sound a bit boring doesn’t it?  I could blog about the struggles we are having transitioning my son to kindergarten, or the stresses of trying to purchase a home…neither I think would interest many of you whom have come to see and hear about cute baby and kid things.  This is me being honest though, which at the moment is flowing freely.  I am human and a mom of two working hard to raise well rounded kiddos along with doing my passion: interior design.  Along with that, being a present and loving wife…I’m not the only one, I know.    It can still be all consuming and I appreciate all of you that keep coming back and checking in and a sincere thank you to those of you that comment often (you know who you are).  I really enjoy the quick hellos.  I’ve been at this business for just over a year and have been very thrilled with what I have accomplished since the start…I owe a lot of it to you reading this!  I’m heading into the weekend to do a secret design re-do, which is going to be soooo fun and I can’t wait to share it with you all next week.  I hope this refreshes my head and gives me lots of things to talk about.  Until then…have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!!!  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest if  you don’t already because I’m exploding with ideas there =)

And here is a little sneak peak of a post that I AM working on…


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  1. Sita says:

    I totally know how you feel. I have had blogger's block for awhile now. I am so busy with client work, that my blog has taken a back seat. I am just trying to balance it all. I want to share my client projects with my readers, but the design process takes months…what do I blog about in the meantime. Hang in there…you are not alone. đŸ™‚ Can't wait to see your redesign and I love the gold deer head print!

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