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Ampersand {the way to put two things together}

I love the ampersand sign…it signifies so much.  It’s what first put my husband and I together.  G & B
It holds peanut butter & jelly together, you’ve got to love that!  It is a symbol, it is pretty and so many artists have made it into art.  I love putting an ampersand into spaces because I love the meaning that adding a baby to a family is another reason for an ‘&’.  Does that make sense?  You know what I mean?

I am dying to find a space to add this neon ampersand sign from Ampersand Design Studio

I’ve always loved this Elegampersand, it’s sweet and girly in just the right muted colors.  You can find it at Minted.com

I love this more graphic and rustic option.  It is a great DIY and you can find the entire tutorial at Enjoy It

And one of my favs, which is displayed in my kids room, is this great free printable from Sprik Space.  You can choose which color you want and print it.  I had mine printed at Costco so that it was the purest color.  Be sure to uncheck the auto color correct when placing your order.  (just a tip) 

So, do you like using ampersands in your decor? 


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2 responses to “Ampersand {the way to put two things together}”

  1. Sita says:

    Such cute ampersands! I have a silver metal one that I use on my bookshelves in my basement. I really love the one from Minted!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Love the Minted one too! It's so cute!

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