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Staycation kind of fun

Hi all…I’ve been a bit absent and I apologize.  My little fam had a bit of a stay cation.  Daddy took from the 4th of July through today off and we’ve filled it with some major fun.  The fourth of July in our area was total June gloom…yes, wrong month, but still the perfect description.  It was yucky out.  So, we made the best of the not so desirable weather and played some limbo, built a fort and did some art.  It ended with an amazing fireworks show and some really special memories.  (Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of the usual kiddo breakdowns amongst all that fun, but what’s a day without that.)

my son’s art

my work in progress

The next day we packed up and headed down to the Wild Animal park and saw all the animals and watched the cheetahs run.  If you’ve never been to the San Diego Wild Animal/ Safari Park…it is a whole lot of fun.  Very different from your typical zoo.  And one of the spectacular things you can see if cheetahs run at full speed.  Wow, they are fast!  My kids loved it. 

The day after that the weather cleared up and we packed up our beach gear and headed to the ocean.  We bbq’d, played in the water, stacked rocks and had a whole bunch of fun.  My little surfer and bathing beauty loved it. 

And today we went to the pool…and now we are all exhausted.  Such a fun stay cation!  But, now back to work.  I’ve got a clients room to finish up and a few others that I’m starting.  I love it.  If you want to inquire about my services be sure to visit my services page and send me an email. 

Have a great night!


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