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Hello Darling design board

I’m excited to share with you this morning my clients design board for her daughter’s nursery.  This was such a fun adventure for me.  The color palette is a warm neutral base with touches of peach, mint and gold.  I can not wait to see this room come together.  I have taken a few pieces off the below design board so that no special surprises are revealed.  We’ll wait for baby to arrive before we show them. 😉

Out of respect for my paying clients I don’t give a source list with their design boards.  Please contact me personally with purchasing questions. 

For those of you interested in my services, please visit my services page above.  When I do an e-design for you, you don’t just get a board like the one above.  I also accompany it with three other boards, highlighting more options and accessories.  I then provide a conceptual tour of the room, that most clients adore because I take you through the journey of entering your new space and what you will see and expect from each designated area.  (I may have to share one of my clients “stories” with you) 

I hope you enjoyed the newest design and I’m off to start another for an adorable little girl who will be getting a big girl room soon!!!


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  1. Sita says:

    I love this design board! Gold, peach and mint…heaven!

  2. . says:

    Very nice design. Keep posting.

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