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Black and White Pillows {my favorites}

Are any of you fans of black and white decor?  I had never had any pieces in my home up until a year ago.  I have a few now and I just love how they interact with all my other pieces I’ve had for years.  It’s amazing how a simple black and white blanket has added such a pop to my sofa.  And how that black and white chevron hand towel (that I think we all got from Target) has added such personality to my kitchen… 

I wanted to gather my most favorite black and white pillows for you in case you’re looking to add a bit of black and white decor to your home. 

#1 I have one my son’s bed actually and you’d be surprised by the quality of it, as well as the insert it comes with.  Got to love Ikea. 

#2 is such a creative pillow.  It uses Ikea wide striped fabric, but is sewn into a chevron pattern.  You can find it at Thfabricate’s etsy shop when they get back from vaca.

#3 and #4 are from Fine Little Day and I absolutely adore them!

#5 is from Ikea as well, but is such a great lumbar size I had to include it too.

#6 is so graphic and so fun.  You can find it at Mazizmuze’s etsy shop.

And I have to say my logo doesn’t look too shabby amongst all that black and white fun! 

Happy shopping!


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