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A map of the…

city!  How adorable are these maps I found on Etsy?  How fun to claim your city and put a map of it in your home, but have it featured as art?!  I was doing research for a new client and came across this Etsy shop called Jenna Sue Maps. She does an assortment of cities and you can choose your own color.  This is the one I loved…

it is of Naples, Italy and if you can believe it I am Italian…red hair and all!  But, for my client I loved the peachy color and I think it will be a perfect fit…we just need to choose the correct city.  So, would you add a map of your city somewhere in your home?  Or maybe one from where your great grandparents came from? 


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  1. What a great idea! I am currently looking for inspiration for my son's bedroom; specifically a large blank wall. A map like this would be perfect! Thank you for the link 🙂
    {then there was us}

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