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Hi friends

So I am back…I had a great time with my little fam enjoying hot weather and lots of pool time.  Watching my kids enjoy themselves was the best part of getting away.  When we got back I had a fun surprise awaiting…the Hobby Lobby across the street finally opened up!  I’m sure many of you have experienced the Hobby Lobby heaven, but here in Southern California we don’t have one…

Well, now I get why everyone in middleish America raves about Hobby Lobby…that place is AMAZING!  It took everything in my power not to buy everything.  Instead, I just snapped some pictures…not exactly the same as buying, but it did make it so I could stare at the things I loved or just adored after leaving the store.  Here are a few of my finds:


This may need to make an appearance in a room soon, whether it be mine or a clients

This guy will be coming home with me soon…my son loved it!  And he can easily be spray painted.

And this dice ottoman…what a fun addition to a big boys room!
It took everything in my power not to load this into the cart…clearance at $125, it still wasn’t in my budget…but, I’m looking for that extra discount coupon.  Love!
Ok, I’ll stop there cause I could go on and on.  I have a few others that I photographed, but I think I’m going to use one of them for my next design board…stay tuned!

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  1. Our closest HL is 3+ hours away so I've never been. I envy you, but I do get to be super close to a Target, Michaels, HomeGoods and Ikea, so maybe it all balances out?


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