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Wowza Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already…crazy how having a weekday be part of the weekend causes your mind to get confused on what day it is.  How many of you thought yesterday was Monday? 
Well, since it is Wednesday it is time for a Wowza and my newest DIY has become that for me. 

I blogged about my newest DIY the other day to get all of your opinions…and thank you for them.  I decided on the color on top with the exposed wood at the bottom.  This was definitely the best way to mask the particle board that is the top…but hey for $10…I’m ok with the “not so perfect” top. 
So here is the table at the start…

And here is the table after…

There really wasn’t much to this DIY.  I taped off each leg 9″ up from the bottom.  I then primed the top, legs and underneath the top with two coats.  I then did two coats of white paint and finished it with 2 coats of polycrylic.  Simple, easy and I love it!!!

If you want to do one too, I found almost the exact table at Walmart…pretty sure it was about $10 too.  I’d love to see the ones you make. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!  My little fam is off tomorrow for a little getaway…be back by Monday for sure!


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  1. Sita says:

    Love it! I might try a little "dipping" on a piece for my son's room! You've inspired me!

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