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Wowza Wednesday

My wowza this week actually took place on Monday.  I saw a pin on Pinterest that lit a fire in me to organize my refrigerator.  Sounds super exciting huh?  You’d actually be surprised how exciting it was.  If you want to pin it too here are the links:

via Pinterest  direct link here
So I started scrubbing and rearranging…you may be surprised how little you know about placement of products in your fridge…I was.  Mine doesn’t look as cute as her, something about that pink milk carton and the pink dots just adds a bit of fun =)
I’ll spare you the picture of my fridge…to me, this made me smile.  Oh, the things that make a mommy happy.
Have you had any wowzas this week? Share…

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  1. this is SO helpful! thank you for the inspiration. found you via the blog hop xo

  2. This is awesome. There's nothing like a clean fridge, it's just the cleaning part that I hate!

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