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Wowza Wednesday

It’s Wowza Wednesday again…
This Wednesday is a bit different.  I want to bring every ones attention to a foundation that I have been following for awhile now.  It’s called the Jessie Rees Foundation with a motto of NEGU: Never Ever Give Up!  Sweet Jessie lost her battle to two inoperable brain tumors and earned her wings on January 5, 2012.  Jessie’s 13th birthday is in 4 days and her family is on a mission to receive a total of 150,00 likes on her facebook page by that day.  Can you help with this? If she reaches her total her foundation will be gifted $25k.  It was Jessie’s dream to help others when she created the Joy Jar.  Joy Jars are just that…jars filled with fun things that are passed out to other children battling serious diseases.  Jessie’s mission was to make others happy.  Lets help make her smile on her 13th birthday by not only getting her facebook page to the likes she needs, but also by bringing awareness to her Joy Jars and childhood disease. 

Please share Jessie’s facebook page with even just 5 friends on your facebook page…

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