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A Room for Two

Well….the room is as complete as it is going to get.  I’m making myself stop.  I’m sure you all know that feeling.  I could continue adding, taking away, changing all day long on this room.  I wanted to capture what it looks like now, as we may be moving in the near future and it will change all over again. 

So please enjoy my kiddos room for two!

The original design board is below:

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36 responses to “A Room for Two”

  1. Jane says:

    OK…its perfect!!!! I love how there are two distinct feelings, boy/girl. very good job Bri you are so talented.

  2. I am in love with the Storage area in front on the window. I have been looking for something similar to put in my room. Its very small and I have to make good use of the space. Where did you find those and the wall storage, if you don't mind me asking. By the way new follower from the blog hop.

    Danielle Anderson

    • Hi Danielle…I don't mind you asking at all and welcome =) Under the window is actually two separate 2-cube bookcases from Target. They are similar to this one http://www.target.com/p/Large-Divided-Cube-White/-/A-10535804 but I found mine instore and they were only $15 each. You want to make sure the center divider is stationary, instead of an adjustable shelf, so that when you put it on its side, it stays in place. I then added a leg kit from Ikea to each individual cube bookcase. So they can actually be pulled apart and still stand. I did have to purchase smaller screws then the ones included with the leg kit.
      The wall shelves are also from Ikea and they are the 4' Ribba picture ledges. I hope this helps =)

  3. Shannon says:

    I love this room!! The different patterns are really beautiful together! I found your blog through the blog hop, I am a new follower:)

    Hope you can stop by my blog:)


  4. Jodi says:

    What a great room and a cute blog. I am your newest follower from the blog hop! 🙂


  5. Justine says:

    Stopping by from the Sunday Homepage Blog Hop! http://queenofsavings.com

  6. Eva says:

    Love your style! I found you via the live.laugh.rowe blog hop party. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    – Eva – @ http://theevasofbellabini.blogspot.com/

  7. Sita says:

    Bri. your kids' room turned out so wonderfully. You have created such a fun space for your two little ones. I love that you were able to create a space that works well for both genders! I hope your kiddies get to enjoy the space for awhile before you move, but I know that you will create a fabulous room for them in your new home as well!

  8. Bri – This turned out amazing! Makes me want to start all over with both boys rooms!! You are so so talented. What a soothing place for your little ones to share and enjoy. Keep up the good ( i mean, AMAZING) work!!! So impressive.


  9. Unknown says:

    Love the idea of putting the crib under the bunk bed to free up room… do you have issues getting your little one in and out?

    • Bless my daughters heart, but she learned what "duck" meant other then the quack, quack way. =p Its been fine so far, and we are completely enjoying the extra floor space. I do have a higher crib then the newer ones out on the market now, so if I had a lower set crib there would be plenty of space to pull her out.

  10. Newest follower over from the blog hop! Oh my, if my babies were small today I would have a blast decorating their rooms. Your kids room is just beautiful, you did an amazing job…can you do my girl's?
    I'm so glad I found your blog and look forward to following along!

    Andrea xo

    • Hi Andrea…welcome! Thank you for the compliment…it was a lot of fun coming up with something that worked for both my kids personalities… ya know I'd love to do your girls room =) I don't just do nurseries. Have fun following along.

  11. The room looks great and your blog is so cute! If I can ask, where did you find your book shelves?

  12. We are looking into doing the very same thing with the crib bunk combo. Did you use a regular crib and bunk and just remove the mattress from the bottom? I can't find an actual manufactured crib bunk any where! Beautiful room!

    • Hi Stephanie…
      We used just a regular bunk bed we found through Walmart.com and assembled it per the instructions. We just didn't install the wood planks that would have held up the bottom twin mattress. And our crib was a full size crib with actually very high sides. I suggest grabbing something similar to the Baby Mod crib or the Ikea crib. Those are lower set and will give you even more clearance then we had.

      Let me know if I can help in any other way…

    • Awesome! Thanks so much:-)

  13. I love this! I am expecting in August and have a 2year old boy…. if i have a girl we need something that fits both sexes. I love how you accomplished this at your house. 🙂 my biggest question is how did you build the bed system? I already have a crib… please let me know what you did or any tips! 🙂

    • Hi…we actually just purchased a standard bunk bed from Walmart. They have great sources for beds that aren't Walmart made. When putting the bunk bed together we were sure to slide the crib under the top bunk before putting on the front cross beam so that it was easier. We didn't install the bottom bunk wood slats, we just set them aside until we needed them. It was very simple. Feel free to email me with any other questions. brimoysa@emersongreydesigns.com =)

  14. Hi–great room! Wondering where you found the gray prints used on the bookshelves?

  15. Hey I was wondering where did you get the black lamp and the elephant on the dresser?

  16. Hi. I live in a tiny studio with my 11 month old. I love your crib and bunk design. Do you have any ideas on how i can incorporate that for me and my daughter?

  17. love the bunk bes how did.u so this i want.to do the same for.my girls 10 and 1 years

  18. I'm pretty sure we have the same bunked, and we are looking at doing this, do you feel any support is lost making the bed wobbly or less stable?

    • Bri Moysa says:

      Hi!! Not at all. The bunk bed is so solid even without the slats, but you could always put one to far left and right of the crib just to have two cross beams. It's obviously at your own discretion, but it worked great for us while we did it. 🙂

  19. Where is that dresser from?

  20. Bri says:

    Hi Jennifer…it's the Hemnes dresser from Ikea.

  21. How hard is it to get the baby into and out of the crib? I want to do something similar for my girls but "big girl" doesn't like how tall the loft beds are.

  22. How hard is it to get the baby into and out of the crib? I want to do something similar for my girls but "big girl" doesn't like how tall the loft beds are.

  23. Bri says:

    Hi Chantell…since this was so many years ago our crib still had a drop side so we'd lower that and my daughter learned what "duck your head" meant pretty early on. Ha! Since then, many cribs are much lower so there may not be a problem

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