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Do a little dance…

I pretty much did a little dance earlier today when I took a little blog hop over to a new blog I recently started following  A Blissful Abode, Kayley talks about all things blissful and beautiful.  Take a trip to her blog and say hello. 

Now for the reason of my dance…her newest post was about how she was awarded a Liebster Award for her blog. (meaning “darling” and all other interpretations)  This award is a pay-it-forward kind of award.  Once you get “handed” one, you then get to pick 5 of your favorite blogs to give it to.  The rules are that the blogs you want to give this honor to must have under 200 or so followers.  (We all cheat a little at this rule =p)  And you must mention the blogger who awarded you with this honor.  (Hi Kayley) I think a new rule should be including the dance.

I read on in her post to see whom she mentioned as the recipient of her Leibster awards…um, am I seeing straight…is that my blog.  Yep!  That was a super fun surprise and I am honored that Kayley has enjoyed my little site here and wanted to mention it. 

So now I get to pass on this fun little blog community award. 

Honorary recipient:

(Sita I know you have already received a Leibster Award, but I don’t know the rules of getting repeat nominations.  I’m going to pretend you are allowed to get more then one.)  Sita reached out to me early in my newest adventure of a business owner and blog writer.  She will forever be important to me.  Supporting each other is what this community is all about.  So here’s to you Sita!

First up:

Amy is new to the blogging world thanks to her husband =)  Hop on over and say hello.  She has some great inspiration and is letting us watch as she gives some personal touches to her adorable home.

Second up:

I love checking in on this blog…you will too I’m sure.  And can I just say you must do the house tour.  Talk about an adorable house, and the repeat of monograms in each room…so cute!

Third up:

I recently found this blog and love that everyday is something a little different.  From decor to recipes.  It’s another fun one that I wanted to give credit to. 

Fourth up:

Of course, I love this blog because we have a passion for the same thing…kids!  I don’t feel anyone who has the same business or blog is competition, I feel we can learn and help educate each other.   Head over and say hello to Bernadette. 

Lastly, but not least:

Sometimes it is just fun to follow great families.  And this blog screams “great young family.”  And I’m not going to lie, I love her nursery.  Go say hi to Viv. 

This was way too much fun and I hope you all head over to support these other lovely ladies.  Happy Thursday, almost Friday everyone!


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7 responses to “Do a little dance…”

  1. Thanks for nominating me Bri – so happy to have you as a new reader! Excited to follow your work – I'm already so impressed with your talent!

  2. Sita says:

    Thanks Bri! Our bloggy friendship means the world to me! So happy to see the success and growth you and your blog are enjoying. I can't wait to hop over to the other blogs and check them out!

  3. hollie says:

    Thanks for giving a shout out to my blog – linen and thread. I've only been up and running a few months and it means a lot when someone appreciates the work. I love doing it and visiting other blogs. Will definitely be paying it forward very soon.

  4. amy says:

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the Leibster!! It's such a fun award! Your blog is awesome and I really appreciate the shout out:)

  5. I am so flattered Bri. Thank you for the nomination (my first one!) I'm happy to have found your blog as well. I love your design boards! My time is a little short these days with the new baby but I definately will post about the Leibster, your blog and pay it forward. Have a great weekend.

  6. leanne says:

    You have a great blog! Found you through A Blissful Abode and I am a new follower! 🙂

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