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Wowza Wednesday

I am happy to say that my daughter is finally feeling better.  She had the worlds worst cold and ended it in style with the craziest ear infection the Pediatrician has seen in awhile.  So…after many doctors visits, she is on the mend and this mommy is trying to catch up on some sleep. 

I took a little outing yesterday to the mall with a great friend I hadn’t been able to see for a bit and came across my Wowza for this week.  I’ve said before a Wowza is anything that makes you smile.  And yesterday, what made me smile more then the actual find was that the find made my little girl smile.  She is very much a girlie girl so this creative little thing was perfect for her:

Find on my Pinterest board
It is sized for a little girl, crocheted balls on a stretchy band.  It’s toddler proofed all over the place.  This can be found at Cotton On Kids stores, which just popped up here in southern California.  I am not sure where else they have locations.  It is a Australian based company that offers adorable products at inexpensive prices.  I’m talking Old Navy prices, but so much cuter!!!  I hope you get a Cotton On Kids near you soon. 

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