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Splurge vs. Thrifty

I love finding items that fit into my Splurge vs. Thrifty posts.  I’m a girl for a bargain.  And this morning my son gave me the idea for this mornings post.  He has a favorite blanket that he refers to as “green blanky,” original right?  You can’t miss it cause it is lime green, but he loves it.  I mentioned we need to get Emerson one for her to love…hence came my comparison this morning.  You see “green blanky” is from a company called Elegant Baby.  They are a great company who offers really adorable, plush things for far less then other companies. 

This light pink blanket above is 36″x45″ and is only $29
The other company that so many are aware of is Little Giraffe.  They are the leading blanket company in the baby world.  They offer the softest, most original blankets, but at a higher price tag. 
Their well-known chenille blankets are 29″x35″ and retail for $65
As usual, it comes down to what you want to spend and what you want to get for your money.  As someone who has had both blankets, I’m shockingly impressed by the way the Elegant Baby blanket washes.  It looks almost exactly the same as it did 4 years ago. 
These are my own opinions and I wasn’t asked to do this by either of the above mentioned companies.

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