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Contests are fun

Hi everyone… I wanted to remind anyone who is interested to go vote on Olioboard.com for the cutest entry in the Posh Tots contest.  All my design boards featured on my site have been entered.  It is very exciting to see all the entries that have come in since I orignally posted about the contest.  I had an inquiry recently about what page my designs can be found on cause there are A LOT!  So, if you are interested on taking a look and sending a vote my way, it is much appreciated, cause as I said…contest are fun!  My design boards are mostly, as of this moment, on page 20 and 21, but you can find two new entries on the first page…either way, visit some of the later pages to give votes to those that were posted weeks ago.  I feel like there are some amazing designs that aren’t being seen, they deserve some love. =)  Thanks everyone. 

Here’s one of my first design boards featured on the site…seen here.


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