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Wowza Wednesday

So the holiday came and went…it is always a whirlwind, but a fun one.  It is so amazing what children can do to a holiday…the wonder in their eyes, the excitement they bring…it is truly magical.  Yesterday, I packed up all the Christmas decorations and there was a sense of sadness in my son.  He really loved Christmas this year (a boy after my own heart). 

With the exchanging of gifts this year I was given my Wowza this week.  Ten years ago I would have been a little disgruntled receiving towels for Christmas, but this year…they were the absolute best thing to receive.  Chevron towels!  Don’t mind if I do…
These made me smile…
Have you had any Wowzas today? Share…


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  1. For all those wondering….they are from Kohl's. =)

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