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Wowza Wednesday

It is Wowza Wednesday…just another day to share something that has made you smile! With the holiday approaching I have one more Wednesday to do something related to this special time of year.  My Wowza this week is this very basic, and yet super traditional advent calendar that my son is in love with.  I mean really, who doesn’t just love Charlie Brown?  And yes, I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t make an adorable, super crafty advent calendar, but the month kind of got away from me.  So, this is what it is and he LOVED it.  He didn’t love it enough to clear away the trash in the windows obviously, but he sure loved those chocolate treats. =)  And part of this Wowza is that we only have 4 more days til Christmas! Yay. 

A shared Wowza isn’t something I’d see where I live, but living in a city provides different Wowzas I guess.  Candy cane wrapped meters.  I’m sure walking down the street in a big city, this would make me smile too.  Maybe I need to take a trip?  hmmmm….


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