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Wowza Wednesday

It’s Wowza Wednesday…and I had fun with this one.  I am in the process of redoing my master bedroom. Changing the colors from cream and orange to aqua, yellow and white.  It is definitely still in the works, but I was pretty excited about this find. 

Now, for a precursor…I love pillows-LOVE! So that can make a dent in the budget, so I’m always looking for ways to extend my budget either by making most of the pillows myself, (yes, I know how to sew) or by finding amazing buys.  So, as I was walking the aisles of my favorite store, Target, I saw this amazing piece.

The color was perfect and I loved the texture it would add to my bedroom.  So the dilemma was… it’s a

That’s right…it was a placemat.  But I saw the potential in it and that is what I want you all to learn.  Don’t look for the obvious, just look at what something can become.  So I grabbed myself two of those placemats.  Even better they were only $3.99
I brought them home, split the seam on one side, took inserts out of my existing pillows and stuffed them into my placemat and sewed that placemat back up freehand.  And voila…

That’s my Wowza!
Below is a Wowza from a friend…I had seen this tray when she posted a picture of her breakfast in bed on it (courtesy of her fiance) on facebook and I found myself being more jealous of her adorable tray.  She was so nice to find the said tray again at Pier 1, but this time it was on sale for $19.99 down from $39!  Now that is a fun Wowza.  Don’t you just love it?
Want it for yourself…go here
Have you had any Wowzas today? 
Send them to me… brimoysa@emersongreydesigns.com 

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Love it! So creative! Super cute tray too.

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