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Flowers in bloom

We are creeping into winter now so you may not be thinking much of flowers, but I thought I’d share with you an inexpensive art option.  Because art is so important in a room, you really can’t skimp on the amount or the impact you create with it.  Again, for some, budget is really important…I understand.  So I wanted to broaden your horizon on where art can come from.  Behold this beautiful 2012 Botanical calendar from Rifle Paper Co.

Be sure to visit the link I provided to see images of the other months.  They are just beautiful images of flowers and done in such a contemporary way.  You can use them in many ways.  You can separate the entire calendar and cut out the flower image to fit in a frame.  The calendar is 11×14 so the image will fit nicely in anything smaller then that.  Or you can just frame the entire calendar page…a cluster above the crib, changer or bed would be adorable.  It will also mark the year that your little one is born.  You could also just frame the birth month calendar page entirely and then surround it with smaller frames with just the flower images…there are endless possibilities.  All for $28 total!

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