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Banners Banners everywhere

These little treasures are showing up in nurseries and kids rooms everywhere.  Banners! (or buntings, but that term sounds so grandma-ish to me) I love banners, made many myself. They are so easy and can bring in so much color and pattern.  Pay attention when you are looking at sites like Project Nursery, On to Baby or Pinterest and you may see a few banners yourself.  The most common places you will see them is draped across the front of a crib, especially for the mommies that don’t want bumpers, a banner on the outside of the crib (anchored in many places so that it can’t be lifted up and into the crib) can add interest and color that is missing.  Another spot is on the wall of the changing station.  It adds a great focal point that will hopefully keep your little one from wanting to roll over and off the changer.  Those of us that are already mommies know how hard changing a busy baby/toddler can be =).  Visit my Pinterest boards to see all the amazing places these photos were found, along with a few tutorials.


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