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Wowza Wednesday

It’s Wednesday….Wednesday night to be exact.  That could be my Wowza right there; where did today go!
But that wouldn’t be too fun, so my Wowza is the delicious Whoopie Pies my son and I made tonight.  And more importantly is the experience of making them with him.  He’s only four, but he loves to crack the eggs in any recipe.  Thanks G for giving me my Wowza today.
Now for a featured Wowza.  One of my readers had noticed I had featured a good amount of rooms with grey in them and wanted to send me a photo of a few lamps that arrived at their work.  Love the lamp on the right with the introduction of the eggplant color contrasting with the grey…and I die for the base of that lamp. I love me a crystal bulb base lamp.  And the lamps in the back peaking out from behind the sequin one…those ones would look great in the Blush and Khaki room I designed recently.  Thank you so much for the Wowza.  Keep them coming. 


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