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Let a little light shine in

Lighting… not too many people get too excited about lighting.  But why not?! Lighting can act as a focal point, a conversation piece, a mobile…the possibilities are endless.  And there are so many beautiful options out there.  Lanterns have become a great option for lighting because they are inexpensive and they come in so many colors.  Not everyone uses them as lighting, some just use them for decoration…either are great options. 

I love the use of the lanterns in this photo…its a colorful mobile, adds interest to the room and a focal point as soon as you walk in.  Check out the rest of this nursery that was featured on Chiccheapnursery.com
And who doesn’t love a beautiful pendant light just exuding beauty?  And how much do we love the $89.99 price tag?!  This again can look amazing over a crib, centered in the room or in a cozy corner along with a glider and ottoman. 

And one of my favorite finds for lighting comes from two places….

The top pictured white pendant bloom chandelier is from Possini and runs about $200 and the next pendant pictured is from IKEA, love that…and its $29.99!!!  I have one myself. It is whimsical and give off a gentle amount of light.  Go run to your nearest IKEA and buy one.  Find somewhere in your house to put it.  Can’t think of one?  Your laundry room may need some beautification, hmmm…something to think about. 
Have fun bringing a little light into your life!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree, lighting is important…cute examples you posted.

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